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A blog for all things Riker Lynch. [Not run by Riker or anyone assosiated with Riker. Just a fan]

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Here in this gif hunt you'll find +847 gifs of Riker Lynch. None of these gifs are mine, All credit goes to the right owners. like or reblog if you want.image

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If you have been mentioned in an unpleasant/rude/hateful “confession” on the blog r5familysecrets email the Tumblr staff immediately at The sooner this page is brought to their attention the sooner it can be taken down. 

sillyr5, rockemallnightlong and chloeer5 I know the three of you have been targeted. I emailed the Tumblr staff & if you will email them pictures of the confessions posted about you (they have to hear directly from you) they will investigate the page.

And to whoever is operating this page, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. No these “confessions” might not be your own opinions but you’re providing a place for bullies to target other members of the R5 Family & it’s not right. You’re just as bad as whoever are confessing these hateful things to you. 

(Also if you haven’t been mentioned on this page you can still email the Tumblr staff (the email address is above) and bring it to their attention.)

As members of the R5 FAMILY (we don’t call ourselves a family for no reason, do we?) we need to take a stand & say that we are not going to tolerate hate and bullying. 


R5 “Rather Be” Clean Bandit Cover // SiriusXM // Hits 1

R5 perform Heart Made Up On You (Acoustic Version) at SiriusXM Hits 1

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